February 16, 2013

Fashion vs. Furnishings: Ombre

The exact translation of the French word "Ombre" means "Light to Dark" in English. The Huffignton Post quoted the Ombre Hairstyle as the "Hairtrend Hollywood Can't Live Without". The Ombre fashion trend  is seen in hairstyles, clothing, nailpolish, scarfs, cakes and Jewelry, it has also spilled into furnishings and art. At Cabana Home, we currently have ombre pillows, throws and accessories.
In Fashion:
Rachel Bilson
Burberry Soho Store Celebrates Fashion's Night Out
Lilly Aldridge
Ombre Wedding Dresses and Cakes
Ombre Nail polish
3 Ombre Pillows
3 Velvet Ombre Pillows
blue ombre pillow
Ombre Pillow
blue ombre pillow2
blue ombre throw
Stripped Ombre Throw
mohawk pillow
Mohawk Ombre Pillow
ombre throw
Green Ombre Throw
untitled #50
Art by R. Nelson Parrish
Counter Point #32
Art by Ruth Pastine
Counterpoint #12
Art by Ruth Pastine
counterpoint #35
Art by Ruth Pastine

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